The SwellPirate Story

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SwellPirate grew out of an extreme addiction to surf travel. It's a self-funded, indie project built from years of surfing around the globe.

Basically, I work remotely and the biggest issue I have each month is not knowing where to go next or being fed up with the shitty waves in {insert country here}.

So I scour the internet for the best waves and cheapest flights/cost of living.

And so, SwellPirate was born…

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The SwellPirate Lifestyle

We believe in spontaneity.
Surfing in new locations with new friends.
Seeing the world and enjoying its oceans.
The search…

We respect mother nature, the places we visit, and the locals who live there.
We know there’s no better feeling than scoring epic waves with your friends.
We'd rather plan our own surf trip.
We long for the perfect trip with a couple of mates, epic waves, great food, and good vibes.

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Feedback, questions, or wanna have a surf off...
-PJ Manning, Founder