2019 Ultimate Surf Camp Guide


2019 Ultimate Surf Camp Guide

Where to go if you're looking to improve your skills

PJ Manning
PJ Manning

Choosing which surf camp to invest your time and money into can be a daunting process.  We've done the dirty work to make your surfcamp decision-making process easier.

To narrow it down we've separated our top surf camp choices into 5 categories...

  • Beginner Surf Camp
  • Advanced Surf Camp
  • Budget Surf Camp
  • Luxury Surf Camp
  • Family Surf Camp

Best Beginner Surf Camp

Witch's Rock Surf Camp

When it comes to first learning to surf - often times you make think about standing up.  But surfing is as much of a lifestyle as it is a sport - that's why a surf camp in Costa Rica is the perfect place to get your first wave.

First featured in The Endless Summer, Tamarindo, Costa Rica is one of the best places to learn how to surf.  The Pura Vida vibes, friendly locals, and connection to nature is unmatched in this world.  Couple that with the peeps at Witch's Rock Surf Camp and you've got the perfect storm for starting your surfing life.

As for the waves, the Tamarindo area has some of the best beginner-friendly longboard waves that will help you progress quickly.  And if you progress SUPER quick - well you can jump out to Playa Grande or surf Witch's Rock when the surf's pumping.  Then you can start planning your next trip ....or quit your job and move here ;)

Best Advanced Surf Camp

The Perfect Wave

The Perfect Wave has become a household name when it comes to surf travel these days.  They host surf expeditions and trips to most of the best surf spots around the world.  Whether you want to rent a campervan in New Zealand or take a luxury trip to the Mentawais, the Perfect Wave has a trip to suit your needs.

They may not necessarily have the best guides, but taking a trip to any of their locations will undoubtedly help you advance your skills (just make sure you go at the right time with SwellPirate ;)

Best Budget Surf Camp

Soul Surf House

For a budget surf camp - your options are really endless.  You could go to Bali, Sri Lanka, endless places in Central America, or even Morocco.  However, our choice for best budget surf camp is in the California of Europe - Portugal.

Soul Surf House in Portugal is one of the best surfcamps out there when it comes to wave quality, location, amenities, and of course - cost.  For only 295 euros, you can stay for 7 days with bed, breakfast, and surf lessons included!  It's hard to find a deal that good even in cheap locations like Indonesia or Nicaragua. 

Best Luxury Surf Camp

Tropic Surf

When it comes to luxury surfing - nobody does it like Tropic Surf.  These guys are in a league of their own when it comes to taking surf trips to the next level. We're talking heli-trips, 5-star resorts in the Maldives, mega-yachts and more.

Now, luxury does mean it costs a pretty penny and if you're not ready to drop $10,000+ on a week-long surf trip you best look elsewhere.  But for those that can afford to drop some dough, Tropic Surf is the company to look at for all your needs.

They even host a surf competition in the Maldives each year with some of the top surfers in the world!

Best Family Surf Camp

Peaks N Swells

Peaks N Swells hosts families from around the world at their majestic destination in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica.  Families enjoy their camp so much they have a 40% return rate!

The area of the Nicoya Peninsula of Costa Rica is a special environment in itself to provide ample opportunities for families to enjoy themselves.  ATV rides, waterfalls, zip lining, and of coursing...surfing.

So there it is - our top surf camps of 2018.  If you have any we missed or want to suggest another surfcamp category let us know!