Surf Surf Baby


Surf Surf Baby

Surf Music Playlist

PJ Manning
PJ Manning

What's better than surfing? Surfing twice. Surf surf you may say.  Kind of like couscous...

What else is just as nice...


Surfing and music go together like peanut butter and jelly (Americans), or nutella and bananas (Europeans), or vegemite and....well shit I don't know vegemite doesn't really go well with anything imo...

In 1990, the world was introduced to 'cool'.  And by cool I actually mean ice cold.  It was the year Vanilla Ice released Ice Ice Baby.  Now, in 2018, it seems we've been reintroduced to 'cool'.  Every brand under the sun wants to advertise showing surfers living the dream, traveling, surfing waves, being fit and sexy, etc. etc. etc.

I mean shit...we really are that cool - but damn it's getting played out.

Anyway - one of the most coupled things with surfing's coolness is the combination of surf video and music.  And in honor of this ice coldness - we've created a surf playlist called 'Surf Surf Baby'.

Cheesy? Yes.

Groovy. Hell yes.

Will it improve your surfing...

...well maybe mentally.  You're probably actually still a kook.

In Surf Surf Baby you'll find something for every session...

  • Lazy longboard days
  • Heavy metal pump up sessions
  • Stormy lay days
...and much more.

If you have a suggestion or addition to the Surf Surf Baby playlist let us know.  Or just rewatch your favorite surf edit and Shazam that sweet section.