Surfer Jobs - Finding Work to Support a Surf Lifestyle


Surfer Jobs - Finding Work to Support a Surf Lifestyle

Need to find some work to support your surf lifestyle?

PJ Manning
PJ Manning

Need to find some surfer jobs to support your surf lifestyle?

Well, you're in luck...

The SwellPirate team is launching a surf-specific job board very soon.  It will list some of the top jobs in the surf industry (as well as skate, snow, etc. in the future).  From photographers to surf instructors, we're partnering with some of the best companies in the industry to list the best surfer jobs.

So what is a surfer job anyway?

When you think about jobs for surfers, what comes to mind...

...selling tacos from a stand on the beach?

...being a surf instructor?

...selling dope?

Well...yeah if you want to be stereotypical about it.  But realistically there are a few things that boil down into what makes the best jobs for surfers.

  • Daily Flexibility - or the ability to go score waves all morning and work all night
  • At least 1 month vacation time (or remote working ability)
  • Travel Perks - discounted airline tickets, accommodation, etc.
  • Free Gear
  • Physical Fitness (or ability to keep in shape)
So now that we have the criteria listed out let's talk types of work...


Today, a freelancer is simply a solo entrepreneur on wheels.  The freedom to work when and where you want is becoming a higher and higher priority with younger generations, so why not build some skills you can rely on from your computer.

Personally, I've been working as a freelancer and have taught hundreds of students how to become a web designer and developer like myself on  The only thing with this line of work is you have to truly love it.  You can't half-ass it and hate being on a computer 6+ hours a day.  But if that's ok with you - you may just find it can be one of the best surfer jobs out there.

Freelancer Surfer Jobs: Link Coming Soon!

Fisherman/Yacht/Boat Work

Another one of the best jobs for surfers is seasonal boat work.  Fishing boats, oil rigs, luxury yachts and more usually have x weeks on x weeks off contracts.  While it can be terrible with 0 surf days during your time working, it can also mean epic surf vacations every 4-6 weeks.  I've met many friends on my surf adventures who work fishing in Alaska, working in the mine/oil rigs from Australia, or working on superyachts from South Africa.

Most of these jobs are not for the faint of heart, but dammmmn do they pay well.  And you'll be getting checks all year long...even while you're getting shacked.  Now that's a sick surfer job if you ask me.

Boating Surfer Jobs: Link Coming Soon!

Work in the Industry

If you're not much of an entrepreneur, and maybe you went to college for communications/sales/some other generic resume building degree - then maybe you can still stick to the job boards.  And the job boards don't have to suck.  The surf industry is still growing.  And while long-term companies like Billabong and Quiksilver may be feeling some pain you can shoot for some more new-age companies like World Surf League, Surfline, Magicseaweed etc.

Industry Surfer Jobs: Link Coming Soon!

Surf Guide/Surf Shops

If you're a ride or die local and love repping you hometown gear, then becoming a surf guide in your hometown may be the easiest one of all the surfer jobs on this list.  That or getting your local surf shop to sponsor you with some free gear/boards as you try to make it as a pro at 28 years old (sorry bruh it ain't happening).

That being said - you're almost guaranteed time off from work whenever the waves are firing at home.  And that's as good a perk as any for a hometown hero.

Local Surfer Jobs: Link Coming Soon!

Firefighter &/ Lifeguard

Debatedly the best way to stay in shape, stay as close to the surf as possible, and still have time off to score plenty of waves - we love the firefighter/lifeguard combo.  Most jobs for surfers either fall in the not making enough money but having the time and freedom or working too much but not having the time or being able to stay in shape - well this one falls right in the middle.

Firefighters in many coastal towns make a very median salary with the opportunity to thoroughly enjoy their time off.  And if you don't want the time off - feel free to pick up an additional seasonal gig like lifeguarding or starting your own business to help bring in some more dough.

Government Surfer Jobs: Link Coming Soon!

These are just a few of our favorite surfer jobs, but to view the rest of our surf and other outdoor jobs go to Website Coming Soon!.